Courageous Communication

“Effective communication is not what you think. It is a fundamental building block to your marriage success. It is not just talking. It is expressing, listening, understanding and working toward resolution. It is also a predictor of marriage success. It is the essential thing you must do differently if you want to improve your relationship to the next level.

In this 60 minute course, marriage and relationship coach and ESSENCE magazine bestselling author Dr. Aaron Turpeau walks you through a deep-dive, powerful module that will help cement strong communication in your relationship. Since 1989, Dr. Turpeau has been studying counseling, advanced psychology, relationships, and what it really takes to get couples to change and shift, but also to sustain and excel over the long term. He delivers you the tools to truly elevate your communication, which will significantly impact your ability to handle difficult conversations.

Stop looking at communication casually. You deserve a more intimate relationship. Take action today!”