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About Dr Turpeau


Frequent Radio and Television Personality: Atlanta, GA

Best-selling Author: “The Harmonious Way,” Essence Magazine Bestseller

Certified: Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Licensed Professional Counselor: State of Georgia

Ph.D.: Counseling Psychology, University of Georgia

Internship: College Counseling Center, University of Georgia

M.Ed.: Guidance and Counseling, University of Georgia

M.Div.: School of Theology at Claremont.

B.A.: Cum Laude, in Business Management, Morehouse College

“I recognize that my calling is to help Black individuals and couples in crisis – People who want internal and external harmony in their lives.

I can help you stop letting life happen to you and start making life happen for you to create the world you’ve always wanted and deserve.”

Dr. Aaron Turpeau

A Proud Tradition of Producing Happy Individuals and Couples.

 –Dr. Turpeau has been in practice in Atlanta since 2000.

Preparing Atlantans to Create Their World

–Dr. Turpeau is committed to “stop letting life happen to you and to start making life happen for you.”

The Best Counselor in the City for Counseling African Americans

 –Dr. Turpeau has a goal of being the finest counselor in the city. Period.

The Counselor of Choice for Black Atlanta

 –There are many counselors to choose from, but many of Atlanta’s best and brightest choose Dr. Turpeau. Why? No doubt, it is the excellent professional counseling and environment that is conducive to personal and spiritual growth. But there are many good counselors out there, so there must be something more.

That something more is the “Turpeau Trust.” This phrase is not easily defined or understood, but it’s also not just a clever slogan. The “Trust” is entering into a relationship like none other. After being deceived, misunderstood, and negatively judged so often in our daily lives, it’s about finally finding someone that deep inside you always hoped existed, where someone gives you genuineness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. Someone who understands your culture. And someone who will not let you settle for less than success.

This is why African American Atlantans continue to choose Dr. Turpeau.